MyTrem vibrato systems are a family of versatile bending devices with unexpected new features,

 They are customizable for the musician, the music style or a specific piece of music.

MyTrems can do it all - from shimmery subtle vibratos to never heard extreme up bends and fantastic chord bends.

MyTrems are the Swiss knife among the tremolo systems.


Bending chords in harmony raises tone quality dramatically.

1st innovation

the double-decked middle position

MyTrems stay perfectly in tune. Tremolo friction can't be an issue because of the design. 

Two separate parts for up and down bending let the tremolo always return to the defined middle position.

While the strings bring the up-bending part back to the middle position,

the spring(s) pull both, up- and down-bending part, to the stop that defines the middle position.

It's like a decked tremolo but it works in both ways for up and down bending.


 2nd innovation

individual pitch change for each string

This unique feature allows musicians to adapt the tremolo perfectly to the requirements of their musical ideas. 

Finding the string position: Turn and check . . .  

             . . . or use a mobile phone app . . .

         . . . and a special tool to be much quicker.

3rd innovation

fixed mounted strings

Omitting weak strings allows stronger strings to shine and to bend formerly impossible ranges.

Bending fewer strings allows subtler vibrato effects as well.

Unbent strings are always safe.


MyTrem S:

     E - A - D - G - B           high E is safe              ready for bending         

MyTrem X:  G- and B-string ready for bending

. . . low-E, A, D and high-E string fixed.


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