MyTrem S
"S" for "Standard" or "Stratocaster"

replacement/upgrade for vintage tremolos

fits vintage tremolo cavities, no routing required

perfect tuning stability, due to up and down movement from a fixed position

harmonic bends, interval bends, chord shifting, chord morphing for everyone


If you change the overall string tension of the MyTrem S you have to adapt the spring tension as well to keep the balance.

You can do that easily with the "Schaller Sure Claw", which is a perfect complement to the MyTrem S.

One spring is usually fine. If you prefer a firmer feel you can use two.

The tremolo block is split in two parts. That allows you to change the pitch of all the strings simultaneously if they are all flat or sharp, by turning the lever. That makes it easier and quicker to tune after changing the setting or after a temperature change. This feature is optional, there could also be used a simple block..

The back cover can have two round holes, a small one for the access to the Sure Claw and a bigger one for the access to the tremolo block lever. You can also leave the back uncovered.

MyTrem X

X  for eXtended

 plain surface look, back-mounted, magnetic cover

harmonic and interval bends, inverse bending, chord shifting and chord morphing, transposing, extended range


MyTrem XL

eXtended, Locking

huge range bendings due to a locking nut when omitting the weak strings

easy to move yet firm fine tuners

great tuning stability 

floating mode - tune in fixed position, release with a switch

MyTrem XLD

eXtended, Locking, Drop-tuning

Push a button for instant drop tuning of the low E-string - anew tuning is not required.

All MyTrem XL tremolo functions are available in drop tuning.


Simplified MyTrems 

     To adapt the MyTrems to the requirements of musicians, cut down costs as well as consumer prices and keep things simple,      the following types could be offered . . .

MyTrem SH                                       specialized in harmonic bending

MyTrem SGB                                    G- and/or B-bender version (inverse bending, small range)*

MyTrem XH                                       specialized in harmonic bending (smaller range, easier spring concept)

MyTrem XGB                                    G- and/or B-bender version (inverse bending, small range)*

MyTrem XL(D)GB                             specialized in extended range, G and B-string bending, E-A-D-E fixed*

                                                          * These units could be smaller and less expensive because only 1 or 2 strings are bendable.

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